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Mehmaan Nawazi Videos

Shri Mukunda Mani Software brings you restaurant management application that is easy to setup and easy to use.
Our collection of videos will provide you a brief introduction to our product, the problems it solves and how easy it is to use.
Click/Tap the video name to view it.
Want more information? Contact us at 91-7897915987 and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Promotional Videos
  1. Mehmaan Nawazi Welcome
  2. Mehmaan Nawazi Overview
  3. Mehmaan Nawazi Order Management
  4. Mehmaan Nawazi Inventory Management
  5. Mehmaan Nawazi Employee Management
  6. Mehmaan Nawazi Fetures Details
Training Videos

Sound in some of these videos is weak. Put your earphones/headphones on to clearly listen these videos.

  1. Menus Management in Mehmaan Nawazi (in English)
  2. Mehmaan Nawazi Online Ordering (In English)
  3. Mehmaan Nawazi Advantages in Brief (In Hindi)
  4. Menus Management in Mehmaan Nawazi(In Hindi)